About Me

Bishnu Dahal. Problem solver, student for life, and my abilty to learn quickly and adapt propels me forward in life and my professional career. Work culture, family culture & people culture capitaves me & is imperative to my life. I look forward to using my skills in software development to enchance people's lives. I believe my skills will be able to connect smaller part of our worlds together.

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Java / JavaScript
  • Spring Rest / Spring MVC
  • Relational Database
  • Test-driven development
  • Source Control/Git

Web application for businesses to help internal employees better connect themselves using work-friendly challenges, multiplier games, and chatrooms.


A web app that allows users to create different posts about their personal journey while learning to code. This app uses Spring MVC & Spring Data JPA.

Blog Web App

A single-page web application that helps artists to release and organize albums and songs all in one place for their fans.

Album Collection

Bishnu Dahal Java Software Engineer

About Me

A web game using basic game logic with JavaScript and CSS. The game randomly places three pictures and the goal is to not guess the image with a robot.


A simple console game where the user is able to create a virtual pet and a shelter and manipulate functionalities. Uses Object-Oriented design and test-driven development with Java.


A Web game with two core functionalities using simple game logic, you're able increase the amount of bananas clicked and purchase auto clicker or multiplier.

Extreme Banana Competition